Gift for Actors Giveaway by Loren E. Chadima

Mini Course to be Undeniable in the Audition Room

This gift is valued at $300.00 and it is our gift to you!

Get Your Free Gift & Land That Acting Job

“I’m a good actor. I’ve trained a lot. Why am I not booking work consistently?” “I can’t seem to translate my talent into bookings.”

Even well trained, hard working actors miss the clues in the audition sides that tell them exactly what casting wants. This is an easy mistake. Most actors don’t have a step by step way to look at the details of the breakdown and the sides so they can nail the choices that can make their tape undeniable. It’s not always about being a good actor, as much as, it is about being a good script detective.

This mini-course is perfect for you if you’re so DONE with:

  • Working hard on your self tape, but when you hit send, you’re still not sure if you really gave casting what they were looking for.
  • Not getting called in.
  • Not knowing why you didn’t get the job, again.

It’s time that when you hit send that you KNOW, not guess, that:

  • You found every clue in the script.
  • Your work was on point.
  • You gave casting exactly what they wanted.

This mini-course includes a video seminar, Intentional Acting Script Analysis, which will teach you a repeatable process so you can be confident that you’re great at finding clues in the script and that you can give casting what they are expecting to see.

It’s not just about watching a video. You gotta put these tools to the test. You’ll also get sides with which to make a self tape, which you’ll send in and then get feedback and coaching from award-winning Acting Coach Loren E. Chadima.

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